Question Everything

In these days where anyone can publish anything they like on the internet, it cannot be stressed too strongly how important it is to question what you read.

Some people are conscientious about what they post online, but others simply repeat what they have read somewhere else, without stopping to ask whether it is true.

So fact-check what you see.

For the more outrageous claims, is a good place to look – you can usually find out pretty quickly if something going viral is untrue.

Be aware that sometimes people will present things as facts, when they are really opinions. Think about whether someone might have a reason to bend the truth, or miss out things that don’t match what they want to say.

When it’s an opinion, think about what you believe is right. Try to see what the other side of the story might be. Make your own mind up.

And we aren’t trying to exempt ourselves from this – we have opinions on things, and sometimes those might bleed into what we write.  We try to stay impartial and factually accurate, but please – do double check what is here 🙂

Stay alert folks!




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