Hello Everyone!

We’re Chris & Charlotte.chris_charlotte2017

We are married. We are parents. We have a car and a house and stuff.

This has led us to the reluctant conclusion that we must be “proper grown-ups” by now, although we don’t really feel like it.

We are still young enough (at heart, if not in body) to remember what a brutal thing it can be navigating your way from childhood to being a young adult.

A lot of older adults out there seem to have forgotten this – you might see them rolling their eyes and treating the experiences of young people as nothing more than melodrama. That is patronising and dismissive and I wouldn’t blame you for switching your ears off when someone who expresses that kind of opinion starts talking.

If you are feeling something, it’s real – just because you’re 15 or 16 or 11 or 8, doesn’t make it any less real than someone in their 40s worrying about their mortgage or whatever.

In fact, if anything, the evidence points to the fact that during adolescence you feel things with a far greater intensity, due to the chemicals flooding through your transforming body and mind.

We’d love to be writing a blog that gives some magic way to erase all the hard stuff you will probably have to deal with.  Sadly, there isn’t a way to go through life without that.

But what we can offer is honest answers based on the knowledge we have scraped together through our experiences; and hopefully that will allow you to arm yourself with the information you need to steer the best course possible through those sometimes murky waters.

We hope it’s useful – if it is, please share the blog with someone else who might be able to use it. And if there are things you want to know that aren’t answered here then please ask us – we won’t be embarrassed or judge you! We’ll tell you what we know, and research the answers to the best of our abilities!

C & C